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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Who would've thought...

Since I started up knitting, I've been showing my husband Scott my various creations. Being the guy that is, he asks alot of questions about the "tools" being used. He's pretty handy around the house (sometimes), so my question of the day was do you think you could ever make cherry wooden needles? He of course can't say no to a challenge. After several months using some loud machine sander thing in the garage and conducting research, I'm happy to report that Scott's hand-crafted wooden needles have been sold from Bangor Maine to LA and are the fastest selling new wooden needles on ebaY, outselling all the major manufacturers. In a period of just two months his needles have obtained 35% of the ebaY market. They feel silky, and very warm... and I'll never go back to aluminum!


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