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Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday, Monday.....

I have had contact with both my SP6 spoilee and spoiler! My spoiler is from overseas, and wrote me immediately to say hello! I can't wait to find out where she's from, and to learn more about her.
The person I'm spoiling has written back to me a few times already- and is taking the time to go in and translate her blog entries. I'm planning one large package, instead of several small ones. I hear postage is high going overseas, so I will be sending one large gift versus several small- although I won't be including the postage costs my budgeting. I'll be going over it as it is, so what's the point now! :-) I already purchased 3 skeins of Classic Elite's Miracle yarn (in the most gorgeous green!!), bath products, and for the finishing touch I'm adding a set of the hand-carved knitting needles. Also- once I have this all wrapped, I will want to send it out asap... so she can enjoy it throughout the SP6 process.... I can't wait to hear the reaction already!

I'm currently knitting a man's scarf out of Debbie Bliss's Cashmerino Chunky (blue) yarn. It will most likely be for my husband- then I'll make a duplicate for the baby-to-be. I just love this yarn, it's incredibly soft to knit with!

My husband has assumed the "sheep toy" I received from my mystery SP5 person (identity tbd).. and he's using it as his company mascot (knitting company).

Make it a fabulous day!


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