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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday but feels like a Tuesday

I'm a bit backwards today! I went to my noon obgyn appointment, only to find out it were yesterday... (I swore today was Tuesday, all morning!) This morning I drove to work w/Scott's keys, to find that I didn't have my office keys and couldn't get in. Argh!
Other than that, it's a beautiful day out there... the sun is shining, and one can't complain with this weather!
I am wondering if I'm going to receive a 3rd package from my SP5, or was the last one my final gift? I guess time shall tell...
Some good news: One can take Benedryl when pregnant!
Enjoy the gorgeous evening...I'm off to enjoy mine! xo Chele.

PS: Picture is of my dad's house in Maine...he's building it all himself! Here's the progress from only 1 month of hard work!!


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