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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Michele's in bed and I feel like being bad!

Hi everyone my name is Scott! I am Michele's husband and chief inspector of every row and stitch. As any good husband I am in charge of paying attention and looking up from my work or the ball game and being impressed with every new inch or 25.4 mm of knitted magic. Michele is off to bed with Pearl our dog she is 5 mos pregnant....Michele that is! If it was the other way I would have a tough time explaining my sympathy cravings. What would I be eating, pupperoni, milkbones? Nothing against those two things, I have tried them and they both suck. I imagine "Gracie"(michele) will be quite surprised to find that I have hacked into her blog and blogged away.

The pic above is of our new make your own needle kit!
Fun and easy instructions....all parts included

I am new to this but guess the idea is to write about what I did today, so here goes: first as many on you know I manufacture wooden knitting needles so that is my day for the most part. This morning I spent a few hours preparing shipments to London, France, Canada and here in the United States. After shipping I did some banking and stopped at one of my suppliers. After that I came back and worked on our retail packaging for our needle sets and kits to make your own needle sets. Then Gracie came home and we spent a quiet night together.

How far can you throw a trash can?
For nine days it rained here...we received approximately 20" of rain or 508mm. Tuesday's are trash pick up and I had a good laugh watching the trash men throwing our cans as far as thy could....primarily due to the frustration of the water weight. I felt bad for them and I was glad they vented out on my cans. I estimate that they hurled the cans 15 feet in the air and 25 feet in distance...great job...the judges Rus 9.8 Can 9.6 US 10.0 UK 9.8 JPN 10.0 Total 49.2 and the gold for Can hurling goes to Sanitary Services of South Windsor Connecticut.

Late Night with Scott
well I have had my fun and I am going to do what I normally do until the wee hours...get back to work. I have needles to finish and ideas to hash out. I will come back when I have something good....sorry I don't knit, I just love making the tools. -Peace


  • At October 18, 2005, Blogger Memcco said…

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  • At October 19, 2005, Blogger katrina said…

    That's TOO funny! I love the post. Sounds like you're almost ready for a blog of your own.

  • At November 08, 2005, Blogger michelleknits said…

    Those needles are quite beautiful!


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