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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dot Pebbles

This is what I'm currently working on... I'll post pics when she's done! Her bathrobe's taking a while, on No. 2 needles!
Isn't she adorable?!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Egg Salad on Rye

Today, life is but an egg salad sandwich on rye.

Somedays, you're lobster, somedays you're moldy cheese. Somedays you're in-between, and you're egg salad.

Life's been zipping by. I'm going through the motions, and everything's in check. Days, weeks and months are flying by, and it's time I do some me-things. Everyone needs to do these, to stay balanced. I haven't gone to the gym in eons, I haven't read a book- or listened to my Ipod..
Instead, I have multi-tasked, tried to get ahead, get afloat, and catch up. I've done things, but haven't been things. I haven't been into the moment, but instead tasked the moment.

Today when I had lunch (egg salad) with my friend Tamara, she told me I look serious. I feel serious. Those of you that know me, know, I'm not serious. I never order f*cking egg salad. I'm into lobster and living a bit on the edge.. I don't want to settle for egg salad. Yet I've been settling for egg salad, and way far into egg salad.

So how does one go about changing their life-food selections? How do I bag this serious rutt I'm in? It starts with actually going to the gym, the beautiful gym that I pay $50 a month for.. that has a pool.. and showers that have the nozzles that really have the water hit your back hard like it's massaging you. And bubble baths. I haven't had a bubble bath in what, a year now? that's insane. In singlehood, I never would've allowed this to slip from my weekly pattern. But with marriage and stepkids, comes routine, tasks and 5-minute showers.

I've also slipped into the pattern of talking about the tasks in parenting and marriaging versus doing things. Scott & I golfed 3x a week when we were first married. We did date things. I was spontaneous, I would run through a sprinkler on a side street just because. I'd do anything on a dare (and have the pictures for proof..) But today, I'm as Tamara says, "serious." Don't get me wrong, this did not happen overnight, and without a fight. I've fought serious and routine. Tooth and nail. Somehow I lost my will to fight it.. and became accepting of the sandwich selection.

So although tonight I'll go home to egg salad, by end of week, I'll be lobster. xo Chele

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hump Day

Hot off the press: We have a bunch of new openings at my work.... is anyone out there interested in systems consulting in CT? We have Access Developer and Java Developer openings.... email me if you're interested and I'll provide all the details!

Knitting Front: Currently working on Knitted Babe #3... Dot Pebbles. I purchased the kit and it's going nicely.

Hot Spots: Scott & I visited Audrey & Duane's shop ( on Friday evening. It's definitely worth the trip! They have the most beautiful yarns (I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous Opal yarn selections~ the colors are dreamy) They offer a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and truly have everything you need to knit the perfect project. The calendar on their website shows you when the next event will be. I enjoyed licorice tea~ while relaxing in one of their comfy chairs.

Preggo Update: I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, a wee bit too early. I've been instructed to drink double the fluids, and chill a bit. Been having trouble sleeping (why do I think of so many things at 3:00am?)~ so I'm working on fixing that. Promising myself to get to the pool 2x this week.

Hubby: Scott either has the flu or lyme disease. I made him an appointment today at the doctors, and like the typical stubborn guy that he is, he has cancelled it. Short of physically bringing him myself, I am checking for a fever daily and asking repeated questions about the aches and pains.

SP Stuff: I'm looking forward to hearing my Secret Pal's reaction to the gift I just sent her...

I'm designing knitting roll-ups as we speak. We may contract out for the labor, but I already have the material picked out and let me tell you it is lovely! Pictures will be posted soon, I promise!

Have a beautiful day~

Friday, November 11, 2005

SP6 = "Lost"?

Hmmpfh. I'm bewildered. I heard from the person that was to spoil me at the onset of SP6.. very upbeat email~ I can tell this was going to be a fun person to correspond with. She emailed me on my birthday (10/4), and I haven't heard from her since. She was going to send me one package, instead of several small, once I correctly guessed her location. I sent in a guess at my birthday.. but haven't heard a peep back, and it's been over a month... I hope she's OK. I've written, but haven't heard back, and am bummed. I understand things happen, and if she has to drop-out from this, I'd appreciate being notified..

Also.. yes Audrey, I have had baby brain lately! I goofed up in writing her great web address, so here's the corrected version (also corrected in yesterday's post, just in case) Scott & I are looking forward to stopping by tonight to see the shop.

On the work front, Matt, one of our developers, just bought his first home. We pitched in for a group gift (toaster oven) but there was the suggestion to bring in a gift-wrapped item from each person's home.. that is somewhat gaudy. Matt's ultra conservative and shy, so the reactions will be priceless. I brought in a 70's lamp, and there are two flamingo's here, a crocheted cow air freshener, and miscellaneous other goofy things. Bash is at 10:00am. In the meantime, everything is being "hidden" in my office until the coast is clear.

Very tired today. Picked Taylor up at 12am last night, from her volunteer day at the Equine Affaire. She went with Ruth~ the sweetest woman in the world (who I also work with). Needless to say I'm on 5 hours of sleep, and in need of caffiene like you read about.

Have an enjoyable day.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tiny bubbles...

Here's one of the most luscious yarns I've ever worked with. Very soft to the touch, and it produces beautiful results. Classic Elite Bubbles.

And some exciting news to report~ our area has Stitch-n-Bitch meetings.. woo hoo! There is an Enfield Group that meets on Wednesday nights (I'll try and make an appearance tonight with some of Scott's needles as freebies), and an Avon group.... but even better, there's a woman that opened a shop in my own town of Tolland~ and she has Friday evening gatherings (2x a month). Stop by and check out Audrey's website when you get a chance: I'll share more details of her work after Friday's get-together. There's a picture of her home on the website and it looks very charming!

It's going to rain today in New England... but with that said, life is good. I had a pepperoni grinder just now for lunch, and Baby AJ is kicking up a storm (oops! did I give away his initials just then?!) Well then this calls for a knitting contest. Guess Baby AJ's name (1st name and middle) correctly and you will win a suprise, giftwrapped from the shop.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Desperately seeking 3-day weekends

This weekend was tiring, and went by too flippin quick. Now it's Monday, I'm pooped, and want it to still be Sunday.

On a knitting front, I worked on my "me" scarf, with Classic Elite Bubbles yarn. Used size 15 needles, so it's coming along rather quickly. Will post pics after my next nap!

Our dog, Pearl (maltese) has mastered the art of eating pumpkin seeds, and spitting out the shell. Quite impressive for the little 5-pounder. Cuter than a button. Pics on this as well, after said nap.

I heard from my international SP6 back on my birthday (10/4) yet haven't heard anything since- I hope she's OK.. SP6 are you still there?

The person I'm spoiling has been so much fun~ her blogs, written in German, are quite witty, she translates them into English~ and her knitted projects are at the advanced level~ true works of art. Since Scott mailed out her last package with our names (due to customs), I have since sent her a Barnes & Noble gift, revealing who I am. In the meantime, she's told me she's sending us some home-made stollen, which I've never tried. I can't wait!

Make it a great day~

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

If the ad looks too good to be true.....

I'm sorry for losing touch~ it's been quite busy. We've been trying to firm up a significant order with a needle supplier to prepare for holiday sales, but unfortunately the communications have not gone well AT ALL!

Our phone calls and emails went un-returned for days, and it appears this particular company does not have the means to deliver on their orders. (What would you think, if someone told you, you'd receive materials for your customers in one- to eight weeks?) We're also receiving much negative feedback from fellow shop owners on this particular company's product quality, and there appears to be a "warning label" associated with the product- which scares us! We do not have a warm and fuzzy selling any product to our customers with a warning label. So suffice to say, we're about to throw in the towel on this little venture~ although it looked very attractive at first glance. Lesson of the day, if something looks too good to be true in the ad, it probably is.

Enough about me and my nightmarish ordeal~ how are you doing?!