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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hump Day

Hot off the press: We have a bunch of new openings at my work.... is anyone out there interested in systems consulting in CT? We have Access Developer and Java Developer openings.... email me if you're interested and I'll provide all the details!

Knitting Front: Currently working on Knitted Babe #3... Dot Pebbles. I purchased the kit and it's going nicely.

Hot Spots: Scott & I visited Audrey & Duane's shop ( on Friday evening. It's definitely worth the trip! They have the most beautiful yarns (I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous Opal yarn selections~ the colors are dreamy) They offer a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and truly have everything you need to knit the perfect project. The calendar on their website shows you when the next event will be. I enjoyed licorice tea~ while relaxing in one of their comfy chairs.

Preggo Update: I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, a wee bit too early. I've been instructed to drink double the fluids, and chill a bit. Been having trouble sleeping (why do I think of so many things at 3:00am?)~ so I'm working on fixing that. Promising myself to get to the pool 2x this week.

Hubby: Scott either has the flu or lyme disease. I made him an appointment today at the doctors, and like the typical stubborn guy that he is, he has cancelled it. Short of physically bringing him myself, I am checking for a fever daily and asking repeated questions about the aches and pains.

SP Stuff: I'm looking forward to hearing my Secret Pal's reaction to the gift I just sent her...

I'm designing knitting roll-ups as we speak. We may contract out for the labor, but I already have the material picked out and let me tell you it is lovely! Pictures will be posted soon, I promise!

Have a beautiful day~


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