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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

If the ad looks too good to be true.....

I'm sorry for losing touch~ it's been quite busy. We've been trying to firm up a significant order with a needle supplier to prepare for holiday sales, but unfortunately the communications have not gone well AT ALL!

Our phone calls and emails went un-returned for days, and it appears this particular company does not have the means to deliver on their orders. (What would you think, if someone told you, you'd receive materials for your customers in one- to eight weeks?) We're also receiving much negative feedback from fellow shop owners on this particular company's product quality, and there appears to be a "warning label" associated with the product- which scares us! We do not have a warm and fuzzy selling any product to our customers with a warning label. So suffice to say, we're about to throw in the towel on this little venture~ although it looked very attractive at first glance. Lesson of the day, if something looks too good to be true in the ad, it probably is.

Enough about me and my nightmarish ordeal~ how are you doing?!


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