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Friday, December 30, 2005

Job Opportunities for Systems Professionals in CT

Hi! how have you been?! how were your holidays?!!!! what are your New Years resolutions?

Every now and then I like to post what job opportunities we have available~ in case my fellow SP6's know of anyone that is in need of a new assignment!

Here you go:

Java Developers
Websphere Developers
Perl & Unix Consultants
Business Analysts w/Commercial & Personal Lines experience

Feel free to email me here with any referrals...

On the Holiday front.. how is everyone spending New Years Eve? Any resolution to-do lists?

I have a bunch:
- get better organized
- exercise more (isn't this everyone's?)
- wake up earlier, stay up later
- play more
- take conflict less personally
- write daily in a journal
- be more adventurous in knitting
- follow my heart.....
- eat healthier
- nix fear
- look around more.. notice the flowers, not just the road.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Yay for Weekends!

Yay! Weekend's here! I'm looking forward to: Sleeping in, Knitting, Swimming and maybe even a Lifetime flick! It's been a very hectic week.

My mom comes over Sunday to go through the baby shower list.... (did I tell you she's having it at the Publick House in January?!)

We bring my stepdaughter to a dance tonight, and Sunday she rides carriage (miniature horses) at the shore. She'll have a great weekend! And Ian needs some serious help with his math homework. There was a slight meltdown last night over it, so we'll withhold the caffeine and sportscenter until we muddle through. :-)

I haven't yet received a package from my SP6, but we still have 2 days until the program's over, so I'm holding out hope! I have volunteered to be an Angel in the program- we shall see....

I received the most GORGEOUS handspun yarn in the mail! It's from Carolyn at The Flying Ewe ( I cannot tell you how soft and luxurious this yarn is.. it's a slice of heaven. I'm going to work on a scarf tonight with it.. with size 13 needles. She sent me 3 skeins- what a wonderful surprise to come home to! The skein I'll use tonight is blue with purple variations throughout... I can't stop feeling the softness.. what a treat! Thank you so much Carolyn! I hope you are enjoying your needles and I look forward to hearing how your knitting is progressing!

Have a great evening-