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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thank you SP

A quick thank-you to SP.. I received a package yesterday- a skein of Knitpicks dye your own, packets of kool aid and beracco yarn (2 skeins) mohair. I love the Knitpicks wool & Koolaid and am looking forward to trying this. (I love Knitpicks yarn btw!!!!)

Friday, February 24, 2006

New Project: from Interweave Knits

I'm making a shrug, designed by the staff of Interweave Knits.... you can find it on, and click on back issue....DB yarn of course.. :-)

I'd love to hear from those who have made shrugs.. and please share pics.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Amazon Wish List for SP

Dear SP,
As I hadn't before created an Amazon wish list, I hope this might help:

On the top of my wish-list is Noro Yarn and a Noro Pattern..

Happy Thursday to all!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Stash for clearance sale!

Over the past year, I've purchased TONS of yarn... and I'm ready to place some up for sale at discount prices...(or in some cases, free-you just cover shipping)~ make an offer, best offer wins:

Rowan R2 Rag- Blue - 6 skeins
Rowan R2 Rag - Khaki - 10 skeins
Karabella Frost - Cashmere/Silk/Viscose - soft grey - 8 skeins
Jo Sharp - Desert Garden - Aran Cotton - 10 skeins of Garnet
Lana Grossa - Light Blue - originally $13/skein - 5 skeins

More to be added after dinner...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Current Projects

I just ordered these two yarns from The owner, Jody, is wonderful to work with~ and makes ordering a breeze. Not to mention, her prices are pretty great!

The picture on the far left is the Debbie Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk in celery to make the Debbie Bliss Tab Button Jacket pattern (from the Club and Wish You Were Here book by DB). Here's the pattern pic on the right...
Here's the picture of the DB pattern....

And with the Navy DB yarn, I'll make the new Rowan man's zip-up jacket...I should be receiving it today~..... :-)

Hope all is well on your end and have a beautiful day!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Flying Ewe

Carolyn of The Flying Ewe ( sent me the most luxurious, beautiful yarns. I have 4 gorgeous balls.. two are a medium, rich green (one of which was spun with Swarovski crystals), and two are the softest pink (again, one with crystals!). I'm making a yummy scarf with the pink yarns. Let me tell you, not only does it knit beautifully and feel so nice while knitting, but it SMELLS good too!!! It's a soft scent, very clean~ (and let me tell you, during pregnancy, smells are magnified and there are very few I like.. but this is subtle and... well, squeeky clean and fresh).

Well, I'm officially hooked! I've peeked in her store to see what she has this week... and wow... look at this!!!

It's 5pm on a Sunday, and I'm surfing the web, seeking some yarn to make the Man's Zip Up sweater by Rowan (for hubby). It calls for All Seasons Cotton by Rowan.. 19 balls, and I think I'm going to go with Debbie Bliss's Cotton DK #023. I found a great sale on Webs' and already love this yarn.

Wish our camera was up & running.. Scott's napping on our red leather couch with Pearl laying in front of him, it's a priceless picture. I'm catching part of the Discovery Channel (pregnancy stories of course).

We had lamaze on Saturday.. I LOVE the instructor, Sandy Eckstrom from Glastonbury. She was a nurse for many years and now is retired and teaches classes in her home. Scott got us a private lesson after class ended, just in case we go in earlier than next Saturday. Phew!

Can you believe all this snow?!

Have a relaxing and enjoyable evening...